Scuba Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel

     Alberto Sauri and El Pulpo Divers offers the corner store experience of diving. In business for over 20 years, Alberto and his staff offer a customized dive experience to veteran and novice scuba divers alike.  

"We take the time to make sure you are comfortable and educated about your dive equipment and that you are safe and knowledgeable about the dives. You are not a number to us. You are a person and we pride ourselves on taking time to get to know you and communicate well with you. Please visit our Testimonial Page and our Trip Advisor Page. Our customers return to us again and again and become friends." - Alberto

     Alberto offers a tailor made dive experience with the utmost attention to safety, skill level, diver comfort and diver confidence level.  El Pulpo specializes in gaining the trust and confidence of newer divers, helping them to feel successful and unhurried.  Alberto‚Äôs intimate knowledge of Cozumel dive sites will leave you with a lifetime memories and a desire to return for more..  El Pulpo offers:

  • Dock pick up at your location
  • 1,2,or 3 Tank Dives 
  • Discovery Dives
  • PADI Certification Dives


Contact El Pulpo Divers: Alberto Angulo Sauri

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Check out our RATES AND PACKAGES and our SPECIALS and make your reservations for a dive trip today! Now is the time to begin a life-long love affair with one underwater scuba diving adventure after another. Dive it with El Pulpo Divers.


Never been snorkeling or scuba diving? Fear not! Our expert diver, Alberto Sauri, nicknamed El Pulpo (the Octopus), is the best dive instructor on the island, and Juan Medina, his Captain, is the best snorkel guide in Mexico!


You love Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel is rated as one of the top dive spots in the world.  It is home to the endemic splendid toad fish, several species of sea turtle, and the brilliantly-colored living tissue of the black coral. Plan your next dive in Cozumel with El Pulpo Divers and experience diving the way it should be. 

Escape the crowds during your time in Cozumel with El Pulpo Divers. With one quick,  inexpensive cab ride to our marina, we will pick you up and take you out for a day of snorkeling and/or diving that you will never forget! No more looking into to the deep ocean from your ship above and wondering what is down below. Dive down and see!