Don’t miss the most exciting side of Cozumel! The underwater side!  Diving or snorkeling is an easy and exhilarating side-trip when you choose El Pulpo Divers.  You can choose your package from the website or call us if you prefer.  If you take a taxi from the ship, we will gladly call your taxi home and pay the fare!

Cozumel is home to world class diving, and El Pulpo Divers will find the adventure you are seeking.  You can join one of our group tours, or you can book a Private Full Day Boat Rental for a truly individualized experience.  Just bring a towel, your sunscreen (reef safe if you can) and we will provide your dive or snorkel gear, water and fruit. 

Seeing Cozumel under water with El Pulpo Divers will be the highlight of your cruise!